Mental Health vs Terrorism

Today is the final day of Mental Health Awareness Month, and I have a lot on my mind.  I had already written a blog about mental illness, which I wasn’t able to post because of a technical issue; the following day, 19 children and their teachers were murdered and several others wounded.  Suddenly everyone was blaming “mental illness” and I knew there was more to say.

Thank You Teachers!

It’s Spring Break, a chance for students and teachers to regroup.
  Nobody deserves a break more than our teachers.

Tillamook School District board

It’s hard to find anything that everyone can agree on these days, but I think we can all agree that we love our kids and want them to be safe in school and get a good education.  I’m certain that our newly elected Tillamook School District Board members care about their kids as well, but they are making some deeply concerning decisions that every taxpayer and parent should be aware of.

Father's Day

I spent this last Father’s Day in silent, burning rage at my dad, and it’s taken me three months to sort it out enough to write.