The Fight Before Christmas

A little poem I wrote that hopefully brings you a smile:

‘Twas the fight before Christmas, and all through the land,
People were shouting and taking a stand.
“Happy Holidays!” “No, Merry Christmas!” they shouted,
As claims of “un-Christian” behavior were spouted.
“You’re taking the Christ out of Christmas!” they roared,
As the actual meanings of words were ignored.
For “holiday” means “holy day” to the Dutch,
And I honestly don’t mind being wished THAT too much.
As for Christ-mass, its roots are of Pagan proclaim,
And Christ never once lit a tree in his name…

So it seems like a whole lot of fuss and ado
‘Bout a “war against Christmas” that hasn’t come true,
But by keeping us all in a climate of fear,
We ensure peace and brotherhood never come near.
And we miss opportunities here with this drama,
To learn more about what we all have in common.
For each major religion has love as it creed,
What they all have in common is God as their seed.
Just IMAGINE what peace and good will we’d create,
If we’d just accept love, and stop acting in hate.

So go Kwanzaa, go Christmas, go Hanukkah too,
Enjoy your traditions, Happy Holidays to you!  


Father's Day

I spent this last Father’s Day in silent, burning rage at my dad, and it’s taken me three months to sort it out enough to write.