History Repeats Itself

This post will be a little shorter than some of my previous posts.  This is such an important issue, and I am hoping that people all over the world will become aware of what is happening and step up to do the right thing.
Right now, as we speak, the Greek government is detaining people in internment camps.  They started with migrants (who were racially profiled).  Then they moved on to drug users.  Next they targeted sex industry workers, forcing them to have HIV tests.  Their latest target: transgender individuals.
What “Operation Zeus” amounts to is a “cleansing” effort to dispose of human beings Greek’s government considers to be undesirables.  Transgender people are told to “return to normal” or be locked up.  People are being incarcerated simply for existing.   Right now, there are 5,000 individuals who are locked up, and the Greek government has announced that camp capacity is about to double.
If this doesn’t give you chills, I encourage you to read the history of Nazi Germany.  Who knows who they will come for next?  Are you differently abled, or do you worship the “wrong” god, or are you gay?  Perhaps you have the wrong skin color, or have strongly stated public opinions.  Who knows… but this is unacceptable.
After WWII, we all said “never again.”  Now it’s happening again, and we must put a stop to it.  The question is not so much “who will be next,” as “who is going to speak up?”  WE MUST.
I hope you will join me in signing this petition to the European Union, demanding a stop to this outrage.  To do anything less is to be complicit in human rights abuses.
To learn more details about this situation, please visit: 
To help even more, please share this information with others.

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