I've noticed over the past few months that I have a larger group of readers in Ukraine than in the United States.  I found this fascinating, especially considering the size of Ukraine compared to the U.S., and the fact that I'm pretty certain I don't know anyone there.  I have a friend who wrote a blog, and had a large following in a particular country.  When he asked some of his readers in that country why they read his blog, they stated that they were learning English that way.

I like to think that, regardless of my logic or ideas, my English skills, grammar, and punctuation are pretty good, so that would not bother me one bit.  It's a weird feeling to think about how somewhere, complete strangers from the other side of the planet are reading my blog.  I never get any feedback from them, but I'd really like feedback right now.

If you are in the Ukraine and reading this post, I would love to hear more about what is really happening in your country.  To say the least, American media is deceptive.  My understanding is that the President of Ukraine, who is now in hiding, basically broke promises to the Ukrainian people, and cast his alliances in opposition to the will of the people.  Then when peaceful protesters marched, they were gunned down.  This of course, is a very over-simplified explanation of the situation.

To be honest, I could probably learn more from news sources, but I don't necessarily trust them.  I view this as an opportunity to hear directly from the people impacted the most: the people of Ukraine.  I would love to hear your comments about how you perceive the situation (whether you choose to comment on this post, or email me directly at  With your permission, I'd like to share your comments without identifying you.  I also share my blog on my Facebook page.  

I am frustrated that so much of what is going on in the world is being spun by my country's corporate media, to the point that the truth is unrecognizable, and I'd like to hear from you.  For that matter, wherever you are, I'd like to hear from you.  I'd like to hear about your viewpoints from whatever corner of the world you inhabit.

You all know a little about me and my viewpoints if you read my blog.  I'd like to hear about you.  I am inspired by populations that stand up and take back power from the despots and the tyrants.  Your name may or may not end up in the history books, but only you can know the struggles you have endured, and you are the REAL game changers.  The real changes in power throughout history have not taken place because of political leaders.  The changes have happened when everyday people got fed up, stood up, spoke out, and made a difference.  This takes an unbelievable amount of courage for the masses to put their lives on the line, join hands, and gather together in the name of justice.

God bless the people of Ukraine.  May you be granted justice and peace, which go hand in hand.  May the will of the people be heard, may bloodshed end, and may you come out stronger as a people through your sacrifice and struggle. 

If there is something you would like to say to the rest of us out there, I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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