Planting Our Gardens by my friend Neal Lemery

This blog post was written by my friend Neal Lemery, one of the wisest people I know.

Spruce Eagle Poet: Planting Our Gardens: This was a week of planting flowers.  A few days ago, I’m able to tend some flowers in our town’s community garden. Over a cup...


  1. Would you like to spare cash and attempt your hand at developing potatoes in the greenhouse? On the off chance that you plan to attempt your hand developing some white potatoes in the greenery enclosure, here are two or three pointers to offer you some assistance with learning how to plant potatoes.

  2. Whether you are planting a home vegetable greenhouse or an extensive business operation, the "No-Till" technique for gardening is a reasonable alternative. No-Till permits you to work in congruity with nature rather than against it.

  3. The best time to plant a vegetable garden really varies from location to location. So if our living down in southern Florida then you are pretty much fine planting your garden at any time of the year. Basically some things you need to consider is when your last freeze is per year.

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Father's Day

I spent this last Father’s Day in silent, burning rage at my dad, and it’s taken me three months to sort it out enough to write.