To my conservative friends

I want to put out an appeal to my friends who are conservative. I know there are some among you who have felt worried about the state of things, who have heard conflicting things about Trump and don't know what to believe.

Maybe you come from a family that is very conservative and you have been taught not to question what you are told, and that those of us who are questioning this administration are a bunch of unpatriotic liberal hooligans who don't care about America.

You may not really like Trump's abrasiveness or greed, and you are silently starting to question some things, but you are worried about being attacked if you say anything out loud.

Worse yet, maybe you are a conservative Christian and you are worried that if you don't support the President that you aren't being a good Christian anymore.  Maybe you are opposed to abortion and you think that Trump is protecting unborn babies so you have no choice but to support him.

I'm really trying to understand because we're in trouble, folks.  And I will respect your religious beliefs if you at least listen when I say that you are being lied to and things are way worse than you think.  For all of us, including the unborn.

If this is a party loyalty thing, did you know that Donald Trump is a former Democrat and is friends with the Clintons, whom you despise?  Do you understand that his only loyalties are to people who can help him to achieve power and money?

He knows that if he pretends to be a Christian, if he talks about pro-life, you will support him.  Churches don't have to pay taxes and they have a lot of money.  He's not a godly man.  He is using your faith and exploiting you to achieve greater power.

Just stop for one moment and close your eyes and ask yourself, "what if I've been wrong about him?" I know that's scary. You don't have to tell anyone, I don't need to know. But just consider that if you are, what that means if someone truly that manipulative and evil is using YOUR God for his own power.  Go look at the seven deadly sins and be honest. How does he act?  How does he treat people?  Does he follow the teachings of Christ?  Be honest.

Even the Bible doesn't want you to blindly accept him without question. He's not God.  If you firmly believe that he is a really good person, you won't hesitate to research anything that says otherwise.  After all, it would dishonor God for you to be blindly following someone evil in His name, right?  (Matthew 7:15-20)

Please, open your mind to possibilities. If you want to talk, message me.

It's time to put the good of our country and the world above the Republican party.  If you are being asked to put a political party above the good of this country/world, that's not patriotic and it's not "Christian." Hitler claimed in his book Mein Kampf to be a Christian and touted "positive Christianity." He convinced his followers that God was on his side.  Too many people were shamed into feeling like bad Christians if they didn't believe him.

Maybe you already know all this but you're scared to speak out. I don't blame you and I understand. What I can promise is that if you do decide to speak out and are attacked, I will stick up for you.  Nobody has the right to bully you regardless of what you think and feel and I will defend your right.  I get called names all the time; it quit bothering me long ago when I realized it was a reflection on the name caller, not on me.  If you need backup, I'm here.  If you are reading this it is because you are on my friend's list and I care about you and wish you the best.

As Americans and citizens of the world, we all want a healthy happy society. We won't always agree on everything and that's okay. But we can have open, respectful discussions and work together to create the world our kids and grandkids can be safe to live in.

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